Ultima Proviron by Ultima Pharmaceuticals (Mesterolone): Create Your Own Power!

Ultima Proviron is a steroid that has been extremely popular with bodybuilders and athletes. The reason for its popularity is because it provides mild anabolic/androgenic benefits.

This characteristic makes Proviron a good stackable drug along with other steroids.

What is Ultima Proviron by Ultima Pharmaceuticals?

Ultima Proviron is a synthetic, orally effective androgen which does not have any anabolic activity. It was developed to serve as the oral form of Mesterolone (1-methyl-dihydrotestosterone), which itself was developed in the 1950s by Schering as a treatment for low testosterone levels.

Mesterolone was originally developed as a treatment for low testosterone levels however it has been found to be extremely effective at preventing gyno or excess water retention.

It is also seen to harden the physique and give more of a dense look rather than a bloated look.

The advantages of using Ultima Proviron (Mesterolone) includes:

  • No conversion to estrogen via aromatase or other pathways of administration.
  • Does not lead to water retention.
  • Exhibits an anti-catabolic effect.
  • Promotes enhanced protein synthesis.
  • Promotes lean muscle gains or lean tissue growth with improved muscle definition.
  • Provides a slight anabolic effect which is perfect for use in cutting cycles.

What is the recommended dosage for Ultima Proviron?

An effective oral dosage of Proviron is normally 50 mg daily or every other day. However, if using this drug to treat low testosterone levels the dose would be 100-150mg daily.

As for bodybuilding purposes, 100mg per day is sufficient. Usually, Mesterolone is not used for more than 6 weeks due to its strong hepatic nature and tendency to irritate the liver when it builds up in the system after being administered repeatedly over time.

It has been shown that Mesterolone has a half-life of approximately 9 hours.

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Possible side effects of using Ultima Proviron

At therapeutic doses, Proviron is well tolerated by most healthy adult males without any major side effects reported. However, some mild adverse effects are possible when taking this Mesterolone steroid.

These include the appearance of acne on the face and body, increased oily skin or hair which may lead to oily dandruff scalp conditions, enlarged prostate gland benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) with possible difficulty urinating for older men who have pre-existing prostate problems.

There are other effects that can occur at higher doses, but these will be rare.

Below are some of the possible stack options for Ultima Proviron:

Mesterolone is very commonly stacked with other steroids to either add more size and/or increase strength output. It also stacks well with drugs such as Dianabol, Winstrol, Equipoise, Testosterone cypionate or propionate and Deca Durabolin. 

According to product review, it stacks perfectly with a highly anabolic drug such as testosterone or a powerful oral like Anadrol.

Some athletes will also use Mesterolone in order to protect from gynecomastia while using aromatizing compounds such as testosterone or Dianabol. In addition, it is often used for cutting cycles combined with a non-aromatizing drug such as Halotestin, Proviron or trenbolone. Read more about Ultima Drostan E 200 

Who should use Ultima Proviron?

Bodybuilders and athletes who are looking for rapid strength and muscle mass increases would benefit from Mesterolone.

It is also a good steroid to add during a cutting cycle due to its strong anti-catabolic effect, along with the fact that it promotes hardening effects while it prevents water retention.

Product review for Ultima Proviron by Ultima Pharmaceuticals:

1.    Lucas Garcia (March 1, 2021): I really love this product. I’ve been taking it for around 6 months, roughly 50mg per day. The effects are fantastic! It definitely improved my muscle hardness while keeping fat low during a cutting cycle. Great stuff!

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2.    Hunter Mills (April 15, 2021): Started taking the product about 2 weeks ago at 100mg per day. So far I’m very happy with the results. It’s supposed to be taken every other day but I take 150mg daily due to how short acting it is and build up in the system doesn’t seem to be an issue at all even when taken consecutively over several days.. Great strength increase without getting too bloated or losing hard earned muscle definition… Highly recommend!

3.    Jose0615 (April 17, 2021): Proviron by Ultima is the only Mesterolone I buy. I like how it’s not toxic so you can take higher doses for longer periods of time compared to some other harsh steroids out on the market today. I take 150mg every day for 10 weeks when I do my bulk up cycle. Overall great product, fast shipping and awesome customer service!

4.    Joe Smith (April 24, 2021): This is a very useful Mesterolone steroid. Very light anabolic with mostly anti-estrogen properties making it ideal for cutting cycles or dry/hard bulk cycles where water retention should be kept to a minimum. The lack of aromatization also means gynecomastia can be avoided.

5.    King Hayes (April 30, 2021): I was looking for something to use during my bodybuilding show preparation. I needed something that would help me stay lean while still having enough strength to push out those extra reps . I stacked it with Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) and Winstrol (Stanozolol). My weight stayed between 198-201lbs, pretty low considering the high calories I was taking in.

6.    Rookie12 (April 2, 2021): The Mesterolone by Ultima is pure. You can take higher doses without getting bloated or losing definition.

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7.    Finn Joseph (April 10, 2021): Best Mesterolone I’ve used. Stacked it with testosterone propionate at 100mg twice per week, Trenbolone Enanthate once every two weeks and taken the rest of the cycle at 350mg per day on Dianabol (Methandrostenolon) with 14iu injected each day. Got great results especially considering this is my first steroid cycle ever!

8.    TheBodyBuilder01 (April 16, 2021): It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have a reliable source for steroids. Quality gear is key to getting great results so keep that in mind when purchasing anabolics from random suppliers online.

9.    Blake De Souza (May 9, 2021): Ultima Proviron felt like a really mild steroid when compared to other Mesterolone variants that I’ve tried before. It’s a great choice if you want to experience very little side effects while still maintaining your strength and muscle mass.

10. Timothyyy (May 14, 2021): I’ve been off all steroids for about 6 months after a long period of 2 years on stuff. Went back to using Mesterolone by Ultima Pharmaceuticals at 150mg per day and everything is coming back with ease compared to the past. Great product!

With Ultima Proviron, you’ll get the finest results possible!

As you can see from the product reviews, Ultima Proviron is a highly effective steroid with low toxicity levels in comparison to most other anabolic steroids on the market today.

Don’t waste time ordering cheap alternatives which don’t offer adequate results. Get genuine Ultima Proviron by Ultima Pharmaceuticals through Pharmadealers today at the best price!

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