Tips and tricks for those who want to learn how to run correctly

advantage of running

How to run around are interested in all newcomers who have decided to move to a healthy lifestyle. The undoubted advantage of running is that it gives us the opportunity to do away with physical inactivity and put our body in order.

Before starting training, it is necessary to arm yourself with elementary ideas about the technique of running, reasonable dosage of physical exertion, time and place of jogging, the method of pre-running training. Otherwise, instead of the intended benefits, an unprepared person can harm his health.


how to run correctly


How to start running:

  • Beginners who have just started their studies should start not with running, but with unhurried walks along the route prepared in advance . These walks should not be long: a quarter of an hour will be quite enough to raise the tone of muscles and the cardiovascular system. You can start running only after a few such walking workouts, not forgetting the need to alternate it with dynamic walking.
  •  The duration and intensity of runs can be increased only a couple of months after the start of classes . This should be done gradually: starting from 15 minutes, you can bring the duration of your run to 45-50 minutes. Simultaneously with the duration, the length of the course should be increased, as well as the pace of training. The most optimal frequency of training – at least three times a week.
  • The terrain in which cross-country training is held is very important. Novice athletes should be aware that the runner’s route must include both ups and downs and even sections in order for the load on all muscle groups to be even. The fact is that the descents force the muscles and ligaments of the knees and shins to tighten, and the ascents require intensive work of the muscles of the ankles and feet. When making up a running route, you must not forget about it.
  • Running along asphalt tracks can damage the feet, spine and knee diarthrosis of inexperienced athletes , so it’s best to run along dirt paths and paths. The best place for jogging is the forest park zone.
  • If in your neighborhood such a zone is absent and you have to run along the asphalt, high-quality sports footwear with enhanced amortization characteristics will come to the rescue . Good running shoes are not cheap, but you cannot save on the health of your legs.
  • In principle, it does not matter at what time it is better to run:
    you can do jogging at any time of the day, if it does not cause inconvenience and brings pleasure.

Is it helpful to run in the morning

Those interested in how to run correctly in the morning should take into account that it is impossible to run on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to get out of bed in such a way that the gap between jogging and breakfast is at least 30 minutes.

Immediately after waking up, you need to drink 200 ml of warm water and the same amount of liquid during breakfast: this will reduce the viscosity of the blood, which is maximum in the morning hours. Due to the intake of fluid, the blood will circulate better throughout the body, which will immediately affect the improvement of cardiovascular activity, as a result of which the morning jog will be more successful.


how to run correctly for beginners


Any run, especially morning run, must begin with a pre-run warm-up , which should last at least a quarter of an hour. Properly done warm-up will make the muscles elastic and prepare them for the upcoming exercise, so the warm-up complex should include exercises with turns and torso, lunges and squats. After each exercise, you must take a few energetic steps.

After returning from a workout, you need to drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water or natural fruit juice, and then take a shower (you can start with warm water and finish with contrast), which will enhance the effectiveness of your run.
The morning workouts are supported by the fact that lovers of early runs can do without the invigorating action of coffee, because running has an excellent stimulating effect on the central nervous system.

About the expediency of the evening run

How to run in the evenings few know. Chronobiologists argue that the health effect of jogging will be much higher if they are held between sixteen and twenty hours of the evening. They attribute this to the fact that according to the daily rhythms of the human body, body temperature during this period is optimal for physical exertion. In addition, the state of the muscles during this period minimizes the possibility of any injury.

Evening training will be useful for those who need to remove the nervous overstrain that occurred during the day, as well as those who want his sleep to be strong and healthy.

The main recommendations for evening runs:

  • Evening runs should be short (no more than 30 minutes) and not too intense. It is best to run at a speed of 6-8 km / h.
  • Eating before jogging is impossible. People running after the end of the day, you can drink a cup of yogurt or eat some fruit.
  • Fully dine can be no earlier than an hour after jogging.
  • You can schedule a workout 40 minutes after the end of dinner.

Slimming with running

If you want to get a slim figure, then the following information is just about how to run to lose weight:

  • For weight loss, the most effective interval load at which the athlete alternates unhurried jogging with the fastest races, as well as running and walking. It is this tactic of training allows you to burn fat.
  • Duration of jogging for weight loss should be at least forty minutes (only in this case the fat layer will begin to burn).
  • When is it better to run for those who want to lose weight? Training aimed at losing weight is best done in the evenings, because it is at this time that the human body is most prone to burning fat reserves.
  • The stomach should be empty (should be eaten a couple of hours before jogging).
  • After training, you need to do breathing exercises.
  • Before starting a workout for weight loss, you need to consult a doctor. In the presence of contraindications from such loads it is better to refuse.




A little about the benefits of running

Basic information about how running is useful:

  • Jogging is an excellent workout for all muscle groups, which, in turn, is a guarantee of healthy joints.
  • While running, the human body is freed from substances harmful to it, which are released along with sweat.
  • Running loads perfectly train the organs of the cardiovascular system, which leads to improved blood circulation and blood supply to the internal organs.
  • Running is an excellent antidepressant that promotes the production of endorphin (the “hormone of happiness”).
  • Runs, carried out during any time of the year, harden the body and increase its resistance to colds, as the immune system is simultaneously trained.
  • Regular training promotes the formation of valuable personal qualities: willpower and discipline.