Superman Exercise

Superman Exercise

Superman Exercise

Do you want to strengthen your back at home just lying on your stomach? Pay attention to a simple, but very effective exercise Superman! It does not require absolutely any inventory, except that if you want you can use a gym mat, and it is absolutely suitable for any person. Despite the simplicity of the execution of the element, a regular return to it will strengthen the muscles and tendons of the waist, and develop on the back a relief musculature.

superman exercise
Superman exercise

Benefits and contraindications of the element

Exercise superman is considered one of the best elements for training extensor spines along with the boat . It creates support and stability of the spine, reduces and prevents back pain, especially in the lower part. In addition, the regular execution of the element will bring the following benefit:

  • strengthen the press – for this is the balancing on the stomach, which strengthens his musculature;
  • improve posture due to the full extension of the spine during the execution of the element;
  • will develop willpower and endurance – the element requires constant muscle tension and physical effort;
  • will be an excellent prevention of injuries in the lumbar region.

As such, there are no contraindications for the execution of the element. It is undesirable to perform it with exacerbated pain in the back. Also, it is necessary to wait with the training for pregnant women.

What muscles work?

Doing the exercise superman, you need to know what muscles are working. Exercise refers to the class of conditionally-isolating and has the purpose of working out the muscles of the back. During the execution of the element, the following muscles are involved:

  • extensors of the spine;
  • Gluteal gland;
  • hamstrings;
  • stabilizers.

Technique of doing the exercise

Step by step exercise superman for the back will look like this:

Step 1. Lay down on the floor face down, stretching his hands in front of him. Closed fingers should be pointed forward. Legs are bred slightly to the side.

Step 2. During exhalation, simultaneously tear off the straight legs and hands from the floor.

Step 3. We stay at the top for a few seconds.

Step 4. On inhalation slowly return to the starting position.

Step 5. Repeat the element a predetermined number of times.

The technique of execution is hidden in the very title of the element: in the photo of the superman exercises it is evident that at the maximum point the athlete resembles a flying superman.

Some seem very easy to perform a superman exercise while lying on the floor. On the contrary, it is hard for others to be in this position. There are several variations that make it possible to both complicate and ease the element:

An exercise Technique of execution Simplifies or complicates
Scissors In the ascents and descents we keep our hands and feet not straight, but we carry out the sweeping movements in the form of scissors. In this case, the scissors can be both in different directions, and up and down. Pay special attention to this variation in breathing. Many are so concentrated on swinging movements that they forget to breathe. With these two variations, we somewhat complicated the superman exercise. Go to the facilitated options.
Encounters We load hands or feet with weighting agents. For this, you can take dumbbells or fitball in your hands. The latter can be placed on calves or feet between the legs.
Technique of asymmetric execution We lift not all the limbs at the same time, but in turn.In this case, to more effectively work out the muscles of the back, we use various arms and legs. Simplified variations
On knees You can make the previous variation from the position on all fours, stretching in turn alternate pairs of legs and hands.
Symmetrical technology We lift the arm and leg of one side of the body at the same time, then we change it. And for the weakest, there are a couple more ways to accomplish the element.
Raising with arms pressed Hands can not be pulled forward, but pressed to yourself. But you still need to raise them, otherwise it will not be a superman, but a completely different exercise.

How to make the exercise even more effective?

To get the most out of the exercise, it is recommended that you follow the following rules.

Slow, controlled execution

Try to perform the element slowly at each stage. At an intensive pace, you can injure the muscles of the spine, especially if they are weak. In addition, the slowest performance is most effective. Only in this way will the muscles develop and become sturdier.

Correct execution technique

The final point of ascent should be as high as possible. The head does not need to be thrown back. The neck with the spine should make a single line. The external surface of the thigh should be on the floor, and the lower back is strained.

Compliance with breathing techniques

Proper breathing helps the body better cope with the load, making training even more effective. The ascent must always be accompanied by an exhalation, lowering by an inspiration.

Number of repetitions

For maximum effect, it is recommended to do three to five approaches for fifteen to twenty repetitions. After each set stretch your back from the position “cat”.

superman exercise
Superman exercise


It is not necessary to visit the gym or torture yourself for hours of training. You can pump your back and at home, absolutely free of charge and giving training only a few minutes a day. Exercise superman – and your posture is even, your back is strong, your mood is excellent!