Lifting of socks sitting. Pump your calf muscles

Lifting of socks sitting

Lifting of socks sitting

Leg training, often, is limited to working on the roundness of the buttocks in the female audience, but male athletes pay attention to the lifting of socks to train the lower part of the legs.

However, on how the muscles of the lower leg and soleus muscles are developed, the attractiveness of the buttocks and the height of their landing depend. In addition, the trained lower part of the legs is the stability in the performance of power loads, the bar press, and the development of balance.

Lifting of socks sitting – a simple exercise that makes it work soleus muscle (the one under the calf muscles). It is responsible for the attractive terrain and the volume of the shin. Let’s see how this exercise is useful for athletes, we will carefully study the technique of its execution and other features of training.

Benefits and features of exercise

Lifting of socks sitting allows you to completely isolate the soleus muscle. It is located directly under the calf. Its development strengthens the muscles of the shins, helps to increase their size, and create an attractive shape. Exercise has a number of advantages:

  1. Increases strength.
  2. Allows you to increase the height of the jump.
  3. Provides stability during the squat with the bar.
  4. Positively affects the quality of running and its performance.
  5. Helps to achieve good results in football, tennis.
  6. Improves the balance of the body and helps to develop balance.
  7. Positively affects the ability to perform other exercises on one leg.
  8. Has a preventive effect. If the correct technique is followed, prophylaxis of tendonitis of the Achilles tendon.
Lifting of socks sitting
Lifting of socks sitting


To carry out lifting of socks of sitting it is forbidden without consultation with the doctor in the following cases:

  • if there were injuries to the ankle joint;
  • after an Achilles tendon injury;
  • in the case of varicose veins. This is an excuse to see a doctor to get advice about the advisability of including an exercise in the training system;
  • without stretching, prepare the muscles for exercise is necessary to avoid getting injuries.

Technique of execution

Performing the lifts on the toes sitting in the simulator, despite their simplicity, requires strict adherence to certain techniques. Let’s consider step by step the sequence of actions:

  1. Preparation of the simulator. At this step, you need to choose the working weight and install the weigher.
  2. Sit down in the simulator, start knees for the rollers superman exercise benefits(height adjustable in advance).
  3. We pick up the handrails, we have our feet on the edge of the bottom platform of the simulator.
  4. During the exercise, the back should be level, the head is raised.
  5. Raising your knees, remove the retainer training lock.
  6. On inspiration, slowly lower the heels down as far as possible. At the same time, bend the ankles as much as necessary to fully stretch the gastrocnemius muscle.
  7. On an exhalation, we raise the heels as much as possible, like a “ballerina”. In this position, we are delayed by several accounts, feeling a contraction of the muscles.

Will the results obtained during the lifting of socks in the simulator both sitting and standing to be equivalent? Definitely not. These are two different exercises. Ascent to the toes standing in the simulator is a completely different load vector for the leg muscles. With its help, the gastrocnemius muscle is well developed, while, while lifting of socks, sitting, the maximum load is on the soleus muscle. Only by combining the ups and downs, one can achieve the desired volume and relief of the calf muscles.

The effectiveness of the exercise lifting of socks depends on two factors. More details on the table.

Efficiency parameter Description
The amplitude of ankle motion You can increase the amplitude of motion by placing a pancake stop from the bar or any platform under the socks. This will allow lowering the heels as low as possible, which will increase the stretching of the muscles, and will increase the load.
Operating weight The choice of weight should be such that it can be performed with at least 10-12 repetitions of the exercise

If you do not have access to a specialized simulator for performing lifts on your toes while sitting, this does not mean that you need to give up effective lower leg training. Alternative variations of the exercise are possible with both a barbell and dumbbells.

Lifting of socks with a barbell sitting is performed by the same technique as the exercise in the simulator. A certain inconvenience of this method of training the ankle is the difficulty of holding the heavy bar on the hips. However, the effectiveness of the exercise can be increased by using socks under socks. In addition to the bar, you can use any other burdens: dumbbells, disks. The maximum result will bring combined training of the calf muscles, which include the ascent to the toes standing with the bar and sitting.

Load by muscle groups

You can modify the exercise of the lifting of socks by placing the stops in a certain position. About how the angle of the load is shifted by groups of muscles, you can learn from the table.

Position Description of item What is used for?
Neutral The feet are parallel For the general development of muscles suitable for work with maximum weights

Promotes weight gain

Outside Heels together. Socks apart To shift the load to the inner beams (medial head)
Inside Heels apart. Socks together To shift the load to external beams (the literal head)

Recommendations for implementation

Climbing on the toes sitting is a simple exercise, but it also has certain subtleties and technical features. Consider them to master the correct technique and avoid common mistakes. Qualitatively load the right leg muscles can only be used if the entire range of movements. The heels are lowered slowly down to the sensation of full stretching. Going up on your toes, take your time. Fix the uppermost position (cavity compression point) for a few seconds. The angle of the knee joint is 90 degrees. It is important before exercising, to stretch the muscles well. This is suitable for running or other aerobic loads. After each approach, be sure to pay attention to stretching gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.

An important point! During the exercise, you can not deviate, you need to monitor the correct position of the body.

What else is not recommended for the exercise to be done technically correctly?

  1. Perform movements by inertia.
  2. Use large weights at once.
  3. Increase the number of repetitions, clogging muscles.
  4. Train the lower leg before a heavy total leg training.
  5. Include the rise of sitting and standing in the training complex more often 2-3 times a week.
  6. Break the order of training: first the soleus muscle (ascending seated), then – the calf (standing up).
  7. Complete the training of the lower leg muscles with cardio load or running. Optimal load distribution: aerobics in one day, strength training – in another. Running is allowed as a warm-up before the leg strength training.
  8. Make a recovery is a more effective pancake or a small bar, put under the front of the feet. With its help, the amplitude of motion will increase, which will strengthen the load on the shin.
Lifting of socks sitting
Lifting of socks sitting

The most popular error

The climbing on the socks in the simulator is an exercise that is difficult to perform incorrectly. Firstly, the design of the simulator is fixed. The muscles are completely isolated. The trajectory of the motion is set, it is impossible to change it.

Although it is difficult to make a fundamental mistake, athletes still ignore the technique of doing the exercise, hoping to achieve maximum results. But is it worth it? The most common mistake in the ascent to the toes sitting is doing the exercise at an accelerated pace with a minimum amplitude. Most often this error can be seen:

  • At the end of the training.
  • At the end of the approach or at the last repetition.
  • When the athletes aim to maximize the muscles of the lower leg, they want to use every opportunity. However, movements with jerks do not lead to the desired result, despite burning in the muscles.

Significantly more effective lifts with a minimum amplitude will be the exercise of exercise with reduced weight (compared with the main number of repetitions). In this case, another 2-3 dozen repetitions will be much more effective and productive for the growth of muscle mass.

So, during the ascents, it is important to monitor the amplitude of the movement. This is the main rule. Do not resort to increased weights and perform the exercise at an accelerated pace and minimum amplitude. Another important point is the position of the hull. Do not swing and deflect the body, bend the spine.

Lifting of socks
Lifting of socks