Extension of arms in slope

Extension of arms in slope

Extension of arms in slope

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Not only the press with the buttocks form a beautiful body – the hands should also be strong and embossed. Today we will talk about triceps. One very effective exercise will help you to work this part very well: extension of arms in a slope with dumbbells.

What does the exercise do?

Extension of the hand from dumbbells standing in a slope, can perform both men and women, due to the undemanding element to the strength of the body and shoulders. During the training, there is an isolated effect on the triceps, giving the man the opportunity to emphasize the relief and add volume to his hands. Girls can practice extending their arms in a slant with a light dumbbell – this will be enough to improve the shape of the hands and get rid of their flabbiness from the back.

Extension of arms
Extension of arms

In addition, extension of hands with dumbbells in the slope:

  1. Allows you to equalize the volume of triceps of different hands, doing a different number of repetitions.
  2. It will give newcomers the opportunity to develop a basic triceps force so that they can proceed to complex training without problems.

Possible contraindications

As such, there are no contraindications for the execution of the element. The main thing that you need to pay attention to is the elbow joint: its injuries are possible. Therefore, at the slightest pain in this area during training it is recommended:

  • to reduce the weight of dumbbells;
  • number of repetitions;
  • in some cases, cancel the training for a couple of weeks.

Technique of execution

Only at first glance the extension of the arms in the slope looks easy in performance. In fact, it is somewhat complicated technically: not everyone can correctly extend the arm back from the first time with a dumbbell in the slope.

To perform the exercise, we will need:

  1. One or two dumbbells of the right weight.
  2. Bench or any other horizontal surface for the knee rest.


Extension of arms
Extension of arms in the gym

Bench is not an obligatory element – you can perform an element without it. Let us return to this a little later. In the meantime, all attention to the technique of implementation.

Step 1. We take the starting position

We rise with one knee on a bench, having taken from the same party for it a hand. This is necessary to maintain balance and balance. Lean slightly forward: the body should be one parallel with the floor. The view is directed forward, the spine is straightened, the neck is leveled by its level. Do not forget about the muscles of the press: they must be strained throughout the exercise. The second support leg is on the floor, and the working arm is loaded with a dumbbell. The elbow should be bent at the right angle.

Step 2. Carry out the basic movement

The element consists of four main points:

  • Raise the bent elbow to the level until it is above the body – take a breath;
  • on exhalation, stretch the elbow strictly back until the arm is fully straightened – the shoulder should be fixed, and the triceps is as tight as possible;
  • hold this position for a few seconds;
  • with an inspiration we return the hand to the starting position.

Step 3. Repeat the required number of times

Step 4. Change the side

Particular attention should be paid to the shoulder: it must remain absolutely still. Only the elbow joint works. Many newcomers swing a dumbbell, as a result the body begins to swing with inertia with the withdrawal of the shoulder. This is not only wrong, but also dangerous. It is necessary to clearly control the movement, supporting it with the right breathing.

Unbending without bench

Absence of a bench we compensate with two dumbbells. In this case, we work standing, tilting the body forward. The technique will be as follows:

  • we take dumbbells in each hand;
  • slightly bent legs in the knees, lean forward forward body;
  • bend the elbows at a right angle and remove the shoulders back;
  • straighten your arms back, fix your shoulders.

Both options are effective. But in the first case, you can first load one, and then the other hand. When working with two hands, the concentration is not as great as when the element is executed alternately.

Other Element Options

Extension of hands with dumbbells in the slope can not only be carried out from a standing position or with an emphasis from a bench. Also available are the following variations:

  • with an emphasis on an inclined bench;
  • standing with an elastic band (here instead of dumbbells a ribbon is used);
  • lying on fitbole.

Load by muscle groups

The triceps consists of three heads, which are involved in the execution of the element:

  • long;
  • medial;
  • lateral.

The main value of the exercise is that the long head is used to the maximum, the load on which in other elements is not so great. For many, it lags behind in development in comparison with other triceps heads.

Recommendations for implementation

To maximize the benefit of the element, it is recommended that you follow the recommendations given in the table below.

Note It should be
Elbow position When performing the exercise on the bench – it should always be at the level of the shoulder joint.
Forearm and Shoulder Do not forget about the right angle between the forearm and shoulder in the starting position.
Avoid inertia Fix the forearm throughout the entire element – it should not swing the pendulum. The result will not be if the hand moves back not under tension, but by inertia.
Weight of dumbbells It should not be too heavy, especially at first. It will be more efficient to work out the technique than to strengthen the element by the weight or number of repetitions.

The most popular error

The main error in performing extension of hands with dumbbells back is the unconscious lowering of the elbow, in which the following occurs:

  • reduce the range for extension and strain of the triceps at the end point of extension;
  • attempt to compensate for the lack of amplitude by a large bending of the hand.
  • Often the elbow can be lowered because of too heavy weight. So if you notice that the elbow “went” down, pick up another weight.


If you decide to do fitness, then you need to pay attention to all parts of the body. At the same time, the hands differ in that absolutely different elements can be used to pump certain groups of arm muscles. Not only the biceps is responsible for beautiful hands, triceps also plays an important role in this. And the exercise extension of the arms with dumbbells in the slope will allow at home to achieve in a short time a beautiful relief of hands and get rid of the flabbiness of the skin.

Extension of arms
Extension of arms in the gym