Exercises to increase testosterone

Exercises to increase testosterone

Exercises to increase testosterone

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The set of muscle mass and the formation of an athletic figure depend on the effectiveness of training and their regularity. Understanding the processes occurring in the body (during exercise, during rest), allows you to achieve results in a shorter time with benefit to the body. The hormonal system and the hormone testosterone are the main assistants in this. The article considers the importance of the male hormone in the construction of the training process, the best exercises for increasing testosterone are selected.

Gradual hormonal decline
Gradual hormonal decline

Testosterone and a set of muscle mass

Testosterone is the sex hormone. It is found both in the male and in the female body. For men, this is one of the most important hormones regulating the process of spermatogenesis. In the male body, the adrenal glands are responsible for its production. The hormone is responsible for sexual behavior and attraction in relation to the opposite sex. That’s why the topic of increasing testosterone is especially relevant for a male audience.

The growth of testosterone for the female body is extremely unfavorable, and entails a lot of problems in terms of the reproductive system.

What is an interesting hormone for athletes?

  1. It plays the role of building material for the muscular corset.
  2. Takes part in the processes of protein formation in tissues. Does not allow it to collapse in adverse conditions.
  3. More developed muscles provide a higher level of testosterone.
  4. Responsible for the correct distribution of fat in the body. It avoids the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity, abdomen and the press.
  5. Increases the level of utilization of glucose, provides a reduction in sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Athletes who are interested in intensive muscle growth are ready for much. And therefore resort to the use of synthetic drugs that increase testosterone. However, this approach can lead to unforeseen circumstances and side effects up to the atrophy of the testicles and adrenal glands. But here, regularly doing exercises to increase testosterone, you can achieve really incredible results.

Exercises to increase testosterone
Exercises to increase testosterone

Causes of decreased testosterone

The age-related decline of testosterone (after 40 years) is a physiological and inevitable phenomenon. At a young age, low levels of hormone are caused by the following factors:

  • poor nutrition;
  • intensive working rhythm and lack of normal rest and full sleep;
  • mental stress, depression;
  • complete elimination of fat from food;
  • hypodynamia and overweight;
  • bad habits (alcohol, smoking and drugs).

To restore the level of the male hormone, if it is reduced slightly, you can not resort to hormone therapy. To do this, exercise is suitable for increasing testosterone, which will be discussed later.

Integrated training: two groups of exercises

Exercise to increase testosterone in men is a complex of exercises involving strengthening the pelvic muscles on the one hand, and improving the performance of the cardiovascular system on the other hand. This approach contributes to the development of male hormones and their active movement to other tissues of the body.

The complex of exercises for increasing testosterone includes two groups of exercises with different types of exercise.

Orientation of the complex of exercises Load type Why is it necessary?
The cardiovascular system Dynamic The training of the heart and legs ensures the tone of the pelvic muscles.Promotes the production of sex hormones.

Responsible for the movement of testosterone from the groin area to other tissues of the body

Muscles of the pelvic region Static Training of the pelvic floor muscles.

Responsible for the synthesis of testosterone with testicles.

Strengthening the muscles of the legs and the cardiovascular system

To strengthen the muscles of the legs and provide a load of the cardiovascular system, a set of exercises include different workouts and loads.

Jumping sit-ups

This type of exercise – an analog of air squats with the difference that in the upper ampitude of the movement there is a vertical jump up. The starting position for squats is standing. The legs are on the width of the shoulders. The exercise is performed as follows:

Exercises to increase testosterone
Exercises to increase testosterone
  • It is necessary to squat down so that the knees are pressed to the chest. At the same time, press the palms to the floor.
  • The next step is to take the prone position with an emphasis on the hands in the floor, as when pushing. Performed a sharp jump.
  • Return to the squat with his palms pressed to the floor, from which to straighten up in a jump up.


The recommended number of repetitions is 4 sets of 10 jumps. Regular execution provides a good load, restores blood circulation, provides a rush of vigor and strength.

Air Bicycle

Exercise is a bicycle , analogous to a classic bike ride. It is performed from the initial position – lying on the back.

  • An air bike is performed with the help of rotational movements of the lower limbs, which repeat the traditional bike ride. The guarantee of a productive training is the maximum raised knees during the exercise.
  • Perform rotational movements can be at different speeds. The load variation will provide a variation in the diameter of the circumference along which the legs move.
  • An air bike must be completed for 5 minutes. It is allowed to break the load into several approaches.

Progressive movements of the pelvis

This movement of the hips back and forth from standing position. For convenience, one leg can stand in front of the other. The recommended time for the exercise is 3 minutes.

Rotational movements of the pelvis

Perform from standing position. At the same time the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders, and the hands are on the waist. Wide rotational movements are performed alternately in each of the sides for 1.5-2 minutes.

Static exercises on the pelvic floor muscles

Exercises to increase testosterone, strengthening the muscles of the pelvis and hips – this is mainly a static load. Technique of performance and features of training are described in the table.

An exercise lead time Inventory Initial position Technique of execution
Movement with a basin with a load on the stomach 5 minutes For heavier use a pancake, dumbbells or any handy tool, such as a book Lying on the back, the feet are pressed to the floor.Knees are bent. Push the pelvis upward slowly and evenly.
Reducing the knees 3 minutes Elastic ball Lying on the floor or sitting on a chair The ball is clamped between the knees and squeezed, including the muscles of the thighs, perineum and pelvis.Exercise is slow, without jerking.
Breeding the knees 3 minutes Belt or Elastic Band Sitting on their knees, put on an elastic band or tie a belt Knees are bred to the sides, overcoming resistance. Slow and confident movements in the work include the muscles of the legs and pelvis.
Kegel Exercise 3 minutes Not required Standing or sitting position The essence of exercises in tension and the subsequent relaxation of the frontococcygeal muscle. Perform the exercise slowly, observing the sensations inside the body.
Reduction of buttock muscles 3 minutes Not required Standing position Alternating contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the right and left buttocks alternates with a similar load immediately on the two buttocks. The duration of one reduction is 10 seconds

How to increase the production of testosterone: the order of the exercises

How to achieve maximum testosterone production? Which set of exercises to choose? How long does the complex training take? Performing a full range of exercises (static and dynamic) from 2 to 5 times a week, you can achieve a significant improvement in the production of testosterone. You will need about 30 minutes for all the exercises.

A complete workout plan in the table indicating the recommended exercise time.

We strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region We strengthen the cardiovascular system
Reducing the knees 3 min Jumping sit-ups We start with 10 times, repeat 10 times between the following exercises. Only 4 approaches 10 times.
Kegel exercises (for men) 3 min Air Bicycle 5 minutes
Breeding the knees 3 min Progressive movements of the pelvis 3 min
Reduction of buttock muscles 3 min Rotational movements of the pelvis 3 min
Exercises alternate with rest for 1 minute between exercises Total time – 15 minutes
Total time – 15 min

If you do not have enough time for a full training, do static exercises first. They will launch a process of increased production of testosterone in the body. The second part of the exercise will take exercises to strengthen the circulatory system and blood vessels, which will ensure the effective distribution of the male hormone.

Increase testosterone
How to increase the production of testosterone