Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown: How to Do & Muscles Worked

close grip v bar pulldown

There are several effective and safe exercises for back development, among them all kinds of Lat Pulldowns, but in this article we will focus on Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of such a grip, as well as how to correctly perform this exercise in order to develop the thickness of the middle of the back.

Pros and Cons


  • Thanks to the V-bar, which provides a neutral, narrow grip, the wrist joints do not experience discomfort associated with the morphological features of the joint structure.
  • The Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown technique allows you to develop the thickness and strength of your lats, especially the upper part.
  • When performing pulldowns, the spine is minimally susceptible to injury and pain, since it does not provide for the load in the form of static holding of the back, as with free-weight deadlifts.
  • Prepares beginners for further pull-ups and free weights. Also strengthens the back muscles for more effective leg muscle training, such as Barbell Squats.


  • If this exercise is performed incorrectly, there is a risk of increasing the load on the lumbar spine, which in the future can lead to pain, pinching and serious illness.
  • There is also a risk of injury to the shoulder joints, so follow all safety precautions and select the correct operating weight.
  • Of course, just Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown will not be enough to develop a harmonious and wide back, so this exercise must be supplemented with techniques for developing the back in width, as well as for developing the lower back.
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close grip v bar pulldown muscles worked

What Muscles Do Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown Work?

  • Latissimus muscles.
  • Big round.
  • Shoulder muscle.
  • Biceps brachii.
  • Brachioradialis muscle.

How to Do Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown?

  1. Select the required load by placing the retainer on the blocks.
  2. Connect the v-bar to the pulldown machine and grab it close grip.
  3. Sit with your pulley pulled up and your arms straight up. Secure your hips with bolsters closer to the knee joints. Slightly tilt your torso back and hold the position for the entire approach.
  4. With an exhalation, stretch the v-bar to the upper chest, trying to simultaneously reach the chest with the handle, collecting the shoulder blades. Do not tilt your torso further back and do not bend your lower back. The muscle contraction should be felt primarily in the upper back. Work exclusively with your lats and do not pull the block with the strength of the biceps. Press your elbows as close to your body as possible.
  5. As you inhale, slowly release the tension in your back while slowly straightening your elbows. More info about Proviron

How to Integrate Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown into Your Workout Plan?

This exercise should be included in your workout plan if it contains other basic exercises for developing the width of the back and its lower part, as well as the lower back. A mid-level complex for back development may look like this:

  1. Pull-Up
  2. T-Bar Pulldown
  3. Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown
  4. Seated Cable Row

For beginners with zero pull-ups, the Close Grip V-Bar Pulldown can be used to prepare muscles starting at 15-20 reps, gradually adding load for 8-12 reps. But this exercise alone is not enough for all-round muscle development and more pull-ups, so you need to add Behind the Neck Pulldown and Seated Cable Row to the plan. This is the only way the muscles will prepare for basic exercises faster, so you cannot stop only on one part of the back.

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