Bodybuilding And Workout Motivation

workout motivation

Workout Motivation is the driving force behind the desire of the athlete and his determination to achieve his goals. To continue to be successful and efficiently handle the additional workload, you need:

  • enjoy what you are doing;
  • remember where you started and what you were before;
  • always support the flame of motivation.

Where to look for motivation?

To always remain motivated, you should carefully consider the process of training and your changes. You should analyze why you achieve success in something, and somewhere you fail, work hard to achieve your goals. Believe in yourself, stick to the path that brings you positive results, know how to not only work, but also rest body and soul.

Do not give in to pressure from others who put your hopes on you, always act rationally, counting your strength. Know how to understand what is important and what is of secondary importance.

If you decide to change yourself and your life, the most important quality to achieve this is self-discipline. Without self-discipline, a person can train, but, most likely, he will be inconsistent. The temptation to skip training or eat junk food will always chase you, without self-discipline it is impossible to defeat this feeling.

motivation to work out
Dumbbells bench press

We are not born with the skills of self-discipline, this quality we develop ourselves. Self-discipline is the ability to perform a task, even if you do not want to do it. When you decided to do bodybuilding, you made a promise to achieve your goals. Just like you are fulfilling obligations to other people, you must do everything possible to fulfill this obligation to yourself.

Set specific goals

When you go to training bicepc, you should not just want to become bigger, stronger or more bold, your goals should be reflected in numbers (numbers on the scales, dress size, bar weight or stopwatch indicator). Measurable goals are more accessible, besides, their achievement is easier to track. Once you have reached your goal, you feel satisfied and will be determined to continue working on yourself.

work out motivation
Pumping biceps

Visualize your goals

The more specific your goals, the easier it is to visualize them. For example, if you want to lose weight, imagine that you have a slender muscular body.

However, do not stop, at one desire you will not go far. Desire is not the same as visualization. The main difference is that mental images help to identify the preferred behavior and stimulate action. The images should be strong enough to motivate you to conduct intensive workout motivation or refuse a portion of French fries on the weekend. If you do not, try to find more powerful and meaningful images for motivation.

Write down your goals and always keep them before your eyes.

Your achievements in self-discipline should be active, synchronize your conversations with actions. Write down the goals on paper. Looking through your records, you will feel responsible for your actions. It is not necessary to make a list of your goals, you can also write each on a separate card or sticker and hang them around the apartment in the places that you most often pay attention to.

exercise motivation
Training in the gym

When you reach your goal, you will feel the inner strength and confidence in the effectiveness of your self-discipline.

Put in notepad not only your goals, but also the results of your work. Every set, every repetition should be reflected on paper. So you can monitor your progress and adjust the program depending on the performance.

Learn to sacrifice

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was preparing for Mr. Olympia, he did not even go to his father’s funeral to achieve the desired main prize, so as not to miss a single training session.

Of course, no one requires such great sacrifices from you, but this example illustrates that you have to pay a certain price to achieve your goals. It can simply be a rejection of dessert or a more serious sacrifice, for example, a long time away from family and friends. Your path will become a daily test of willpower.

workout motivation
Pumping biceps in the gym

Even slight indulgences can lead to serious disruptions. One indulgence can lead to a second, and then again and again, and you will not notice how you left the path of transformation.

Instead of considering these victims as something that restricts you, try to see the benefits in them. By refusing to do something, you increase your inner strength, separate yourself from those who are called weak-spirits, one step closer to your goal. Every sacrifice is your small victory, thanks to which the motivation for workout motivation will become even stronger.

Prove wrong

Prove wrong those who tell you that you will not succeed, who prevents you from achieving what you want. The feeling of disrespect and undervaluation are the best motivators, because they encourage you to prove otherwise.

Every day, prove to yourself and others that you can go through all the trials and change yourself and your life. If you chose bodybuilding, the motivation should be so strong that you can make the best effort to ensure that the last word is left for you.

Work on your weaknesses

If you spend most of your time training your arms and chest, then, naturally, presses and pulls are given to you more easily and give you more pleasure than squats. However, if the balance of training is shifted, you will soon notice that progress is becoming slower. Learn to train your weak spots. This will not only give you advantages on the way to your goal, but will also open up new sides of your character.

workout motivation
Woman in the gym

If you want to move to a new level, make an effort on yourself and work on your weaknesses. When you step over yourself, doing something that is difficult and unpleasant for you, you are training self-discipline, the mechanism that moves you forward. You must turn your weakness to the strong side.

When you begin to train your weak spots, do not rush into the pool with your head. Start with small weights, gradually increasing the load. Your main task is to avoid injuries, because of which you can be out of the game for a long time.

Signs of low motivation

  • Lack of desire to train the required amount of time
  • Efforts in training less than 100%
  • Skipping or shortening workouts
  • Efforts that do not fit your goals

Stages of motivation

A sufficient motivation for playing sports suggests that you are sending 100% of the time, effort, energy and concentration to your training program. This means that you are doing everything possible to become the best.

In the motivation can be divided into three components. The first is the direction. Before you reach motivation, you are considering different directions in which you can go in bodybuilding. You have three options: to abandon this venture, stay at the current level or strive to become the best.

The second stage is the decision. From three directions, you must choose the one in which you will move. None of these areas can be called right or wrong, best or worst, it’s just your options. Your choice will determine how much time and effort you will spend on training and how significant results you will achieve.

The third stage is recoil. Once you have made a decision, you must follow it. If you decide to change your life, then this last stage, devotion to the chosen case, will determine the level of your motivation. If you decide to devote yourself to bodybuilding or fitness, devotion should be your top priority. Only full return to the chosen direction and the made decision can give guarantees that you have a strong motivation for training.

workout motivation
Professional bodybuilder trains in the gym

When you decide to change your body, it is important to understand that motivation is weakening over time, so you need to constantly nourish it; if you get fired up with some idea, then this fire needs to be supported. Pay attention to your victories and achievements, even if they are insignificant against the background of your long-term goals. Increased the weight by 2 kg or lost weight in the waist by a centimeter – praise yourself, because you have become one step closer to your dream.

More often look through photos of those whose figure is pleasant to you. It does not have to be a sports star or a movie, the Internet is full of real people’s transformation stories. Browse photos, read the stories of these people. Ask the question “Do I work as hard as he / she does?”. Remember, only persistence will help you achieve results that will cause envy and admiration of others, results that will prove that you can change your life.